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Judging from the context, in which Koneko and Rias, have been mentioned in the afterword, I would say that the author meant that Rias and Koneko will have a more active role in combat, probably by using their new moves / abilities, that they started to develop in volume 14, rather then romantic development.

Not to mention, both Rias and Koneko had a lot of romantic development already, while there are still a few of the main heroines in the harem, that hadn't had a lot of romantic development with Ise yet...

In other words, I assume that Rossweisse, Irina or Xenovia might be the most possible candidates that will get some romantic development with Ise, and since Xenovia has a pretty close relationship with Gasper, I assume that she might be the one, who will receive some romantic development in volume 16.
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