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Mind you Nagi was teamkilled by another Kugyuu last year who went on to lose in the quarterfinals to the eventual champion. They still have it in them.

On another note this marks the return of the Seitokai no Ichizon girls, including former quarter finalist and current resident of my profile picture since at least 2011, Shiina Mafuyu. Season 2 sales probably didn't help their chances though.
For just hurts that S2 was released as online only before it's released on TV (By that time no one cares). The LN still sales pretty good but sadly, their time has passed...

As for Nagi, I never count her out, but it's just hard to imagine how long Kugyu and Hayate fan can hold out with the series going down the drain. But then, Nagi did finished 2nd twice....
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