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Originally Posted by momobunny View Post
It wasn't funny.

Edit: Let me explain why, though. You jokingly implied that being a "shemale" somehow made Seiya undeserving of love. This has nothing to do with shipping wars, what you said here was offensive... offensive to trans people, offensive to people who love trans people, it's just offensive. That's what I mean when I say "It wasn't funny."... and as a public board open to everybody (including trans people), I advise you to pick and choose your words a bit more carefully... joke or not.

One's personal opinion doesn't make it everyone's.... that goes to both of us ok? I don't know your morality but quit questioning every post I make us if you are some kind of Human Rights Protector.

If you don't like my post just ignore it, if you still do, then that's not my problem. You take everything as personal.
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