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Saki characters participate again this year because of Achiga-hen OVA episodes released in the past year. They will participate again next year because Saki National arc comes out April 2014. I hope they won't dominate again this year. Last year was the last for the Kugyuu characters dominating and now Nagi is the only one left. I wonder who will dominate this year.
Probably Girls und Panzer will dominate or maybe Love Live (due to I keep seeing a lot of Love Live related posts in 2ch's saimoe thread). For Kugyuu faction I think they might pay attention to other Kugyuu characters like Iori of IM@S since they seemed to do that with Lotte in 2011 when Taiga, Shana, Louise, nor Nagi was eligible. I think Saki got enough antis to the point they can't dominate again.
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