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Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I would have avoided the thread if I had known when the RAW was airing but I didn't. Hopefully I will remember to stay away starting Sundays from now on.
So I guess we can say that this will be...

... a Sunday without Kirarakim.

*rimshot* (Or not )

Originally Posted by Shadow5YA
Again, HH did not choose to die that time. However, once dead it is not acceptable to continue living. Not only does HH know this, but the gravekeepers, Julie, and the villagers do as well. The dead having to pass on is not only Humpnie's opinion.

That is precisely why the villagers kept Ai in the dark - they knew what they were doing was a farce.

Scar being an experienced gravekeeper would never allow HH to stay for long, and Ai herself knew it wasn't right to ignore his death, which is why she did not voice her desire to stay with her father forever.

You claim that it's irresponsible for Humpnie to leave his daughter, but it's a logical fallacy to treat his inevitable burial as something equivalent to suicide. He devoted an entire day to spending time with his daughter after death to show that he did have a desire to stay with her.
It can also be seen as selfish to overstay your welcome. When your time has come, your time has come. No one wants a Matou Zouken.
No offense, but I don't see any real moral logic behind any of this. Morality is, for the most part, guidelines to avoid bringing harm to, or taking away from, other people. If the dead lingering on for a while longer doesn't bring any harm to anyone, then what's the moral reasoning for condemning them for doing so? "When your time has come, your time has come" and "Once dead it is not acceptable to continue living" aren't self-explanatory statements; they amount basically to "It's wrong because it's wrong."
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