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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
You are once again missing my point. The issue here isn't that the characters have a sad past, but what path the future holds for them. Both Rebecca and Violet have too many strong ties to their homeland to just suddenly decide to leave with pirates. Like I said in my last post, they'd just be putting to waste all of the hard work and sacrifices they made over the past decade if they were to set sail as soon as Dofla is defeated. They would want to stay and help undo all of the damage that Doflamingo and his goons have caused. They'd have no room in their schedule for going out adventuring with pirates.

By that time the Straw-Hats' adventures would most likely be looooong over, lol. But like I said earlier about Shirahoshi, it's pretty much inevitable that the Riku royalty (as well as the Tontatta tribe) will be important allies of the Straw-Hats, so that's about as close to "nakama" status as they're gonna get, if you ask me.
Their path and what future holds for them
Now the way you are arguing it. Jimbe's case runs parallel with Viola and Rebecca's. Not in personal past but in the position they hold. Jimbe has strong ties and duty to the nation. Just like your case for Viola and Rebecca. He has sacrificed decades worth of his time to the royal family and the nation. Just like your case for Viola and Rebecca. He stayed behind to fix the damages done by Hodi and also make sure the fisherman Island was safe. Just like your case you are arguing for Viola and Rebecca. He will join the Straw Hat in the future. Does that make all of his decades of sacrifice for fisherman Island a waste? Right now with Jinbe has the case for my side of the argument, I don't see how Viola or Rebecca could not be candidates. Out of all the characters in this arch Viola and Rebecca have strong potentials of joining. Out of the two I would like Viola to be Straw Hat member but I think Rebecca will actually end up joining the crew by the end of the arch.

Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
Brook is more of a fencer than a swordsman. And Zoro's not a master swordsman; he's got a long way to go before he reaches the pinnacle of his path. You don't have to be a physical fighter to be classified as a combatant. As for Viola, protecting Sanji from those goons wasn't exactly impressive. To be considered strawhat caliber, she needs to show more. And should she pass that test, her case still doesn't look too good for joining the crew (much like Rebecca as well) for reasons already explained.
Fencer or Swordsman there is very little difference they both fall under the same guidelines in the one piece universe. Second I wasn't talking about Zoro's fighting level I was putting out the fact that Zoro's job is literally Swordsman. He excels at that one thing. Brooke's will never compare to Zoro in that field. His true profession is musician. Any other abilities that Brooke's gets from his devil fruit will be valuable to the team and individual but never truly reach to its highest potentials. Right now Viola's devil fruit is the definition of a scout. Third what do you mean she needs to show more? What is your definition of Straw Hat Caliber? The Straw hats range from Ussope all the way to Luffy, and there are big differences that is what makes them unique. What are the standards for getting in? Right now I am looking at the Straw hats has a whole and individuals and I don't see how Viola and Rebecca don't qualify.
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