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Originally Posted by grey_1960 View Post
I am not talking about Zoro's power level
You can keep putting words in my mouth but link 45(my post to you) cleared it up. I am talking about profession on Link #45. Even you know Zoro is stronger then Brooks when it comes to Swords and fighting. Yes I can use and compare Zoro with Brooke because he is a perfect example of Swordsman.

Show you more
If (Very big if at that) the theory that I posted on previous page Link #34 page 2 (Crack in the Armor) is true then she will play a very big role in the story. Has for showing you more. She did alert Sanji that the crew was in danger (Chapter 725). She gave Sanji the location of the factory (Chapter 713), Provided intel on marines (4 ships 3000 marines) and she suggested different rally point for the Straw hats. Viola revealed Daflamingo's trap and that CP0 was on the Island to Sanji (Chapter 712). She has done a lot to move the story along has well has provide the Straw Hats with valuable intel.
No one's putting words in your mouth. Read properly and carefully. I'm not talking at all about who's stronger between Zoro and Brook. And I know you're not talking about power levels. I'm simply stating that Zoro is NOT a master swordsman, which is what you said. His swordsmanship skills are not amongst those of the elites.

Not enough, I'm afraid. Again, she's analogous to Vivi from the Alabasta arc, and we all know how that turned out.
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