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Apples and Oranges Really?
You can throw all the minor details of his past all you want but when looking at his position they hold similarity. His importance to fisherman Island is just has strong. His consequences if he joins the straw hat is just has big. Luffy and Big mama are at odds with each other. If Jinbe joins Luffy what do you think Big Mama will do to Fisherman Island? Is that not the same thing you are arguing for Rebecca and Viola when it comes to joining the Straw Hats?

Context is the key word here, Grey. You call those details behind Jinbei's history "minor", but they make all the difference in the world. You cannot ignore such important facts if you want to make your argument work. On the contrary, that would weaken your stance. And as I already said, the fact that Jinbei's priorities are NOT restricted to mermaid island is what gives him an edge over Violet and Rebecca as far as Straw-Hat potential goes. The two girls' situations COMPLETELY revolve around Dressrosa. They can't just leave and go on an adventure as soon as the dust clears. They need to stay and help undo all of the damage and confusion that Dofla has caused (a process that could take YEARS, mind you). THAT is what I mean when I say apples and oranges. The context between Jinbei and those two are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you too should realize that the two princesses joining at the end of this arc would not make any sense.

Originally Posted by grey_1960 View Post
You can say apples and oranges all you like but on Link#45(my response to you) and this post tell me are those not facts about Jinbe? Are you not arguing that they should not join for similar reasons posted on Link #45 and this post? These are yes or no questions. If you can't give me a no on these question then your apples and oranges holds no weight.

tl;dr: I am saying NO, Grey, because Rebecca and Violet's situations are ONLY similar to Jinbei's on the surface. You have to look MUCH deeper than that to find a legit reason for them to join, which I already explained in detail not just above, but in my last few responses to you. Now, if you can give me a good argument for the girls that dive deeper than the shallow surface of the pool that is the "duty to the nation" comparison, I am more than willing to listen.
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