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Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
No one's putting words in your mouth. Read properly and carefully. I'm not talking at all about who's stronger between Zoro and Brook. And I know you're not talking about power levels. I'm simply stating that Zoro is NOT a master swordsman, which is what you said. His swordsmanship skills are not amongst those of the elites.

Not enough, I'm afraid. Again, she's analogous to Vivi from the Alabasta arc, and we all know how that turned out.
You read properly and carefully
"I disagreed with your notion that Zoro is a master swordsman, because the fact of the matter is that he isn't. His swordsmanship skills aren't up to par with the elites in that category." Those are your words Link #47

When you say Zoro is not a master Swordsman what are you talking about? His skill and powers. You keep referring to it why? I was pointing at the profession. You need to read Post#45 more carefully. I don't care about his Sword skill if it is or not amongst the elite. I am pointing the the fact that Zoro is dedicated to his profession. Brooks is the jack of all trades his only true profession is music. That is what I said in beginning and that is what I am clearing up in Link #45. Your the only person bringing up Zoro's power level by saying he is not among the elite in his skill and saying he is not a master swordsman.

Not Enough
If that is your answer then i am content. Because I answered all of you questions and even your standards for joining the Straw Hats and the best you can give me is "Not Enough". Has for Viola and Vivi they are nothing alike and the outcome won't be the same for that reason.

Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
Context is the key word here, Grey. You call those details behind Jinbei's history "minor", but they make all the difference in the world. You cannot ignore such important facts if you want to make your argument work. On the contrary, that would weaken your stance. And as I already said, the fact that Jinbei's priorities are NOT restricted to mermaid island is what gives him an edge over Violet and Rebecca as far as Straw-Hat potential goes. The two girls' situations COMPLETELY revolve around Dressrosa. They can't just leave and go on an adventure as soon as the dust clears. They need to stay and help undo all of the damage and confusion that Dofla has caused (a process that could take YEARS, mind you). THAT is what I mean when I say apples and oranges. The context between Jinbei and those two are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you too should realize that the two princesses joining at the end of this arc would not make any sense.

tl;dr: I am saying NO, Grey, because Rebecca and Violet's situations are ONLY similar to Jinbei's on the surface. You have to look MUCH deeper than that to find a legit reason for them to join, which I already explained in detail not just above, but in my last few responses to you. Now, if you can give me a good argument for the girls that dive deeper than the shallow surface of the pool that is the "duty to the nation" comparison, I am more than willing to listen.
Details Details Details
Since your into the minor details then lets look for similarities and find out which ones are relevant and which aren't. First the mermaid Island. What is so special about it besides the race fisherman race? Don't other citizens of other countries travel out side their country? I too can say Rebecca and Violet have a duty to protect and represent the citizens outside of Dressrossa right? Because race has nothing to do with citizens traveling outside their country or Island, correct? So I don't see how Violet and Rebecca's priorities are restricted Dressrosa.

Second you say that they can't just leave and go on and adventure as soon as the dust clears. Nami left, why didn't she stay behind until all the damages Arlong did were fixed? Sanji left why didn't he stay until the restaurant was fixed up and running? How about Franky he left Water 7. Shouldn't he have stayed behind with his brother Iceburg to create water 7 into a boat and protect it from the Aqua Laguna? Drum Kingdom possessed the most numerous and skilled doctors until Wapol kept 20 of the most skilled doctors and banished and murdered the rest. Shouldn't chopper stayed behind until the doctors returned and all of Wapol damage are undone? If you claim that Rebecca and Violet have to stay behind because of the mess that daflamingo caused then Half the Straw Hats should not have joined right away or at all. You can use context and minor details all you want but even in the smallest details you can find similarities. With your reasoning in place I don't see how half the Straw hats could have joined at all because it would make no sense.
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