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Yep. Solar are down for subbing this on andrewlb's wiki. While it's tentative I'm pretty sure staff on their own forums have made posts that show interest in subbing this.

I can't remember where I said it. Might have been here or on another forum but I remember saying something along the lines of "I hope Ayu gets together with Mayama" but really the sole motivation for that was I thought it would be the thing that would make Ayu happy. I'd like to retract that and go with the general consensus in this thread. Whatever makes Ayu happy, is what I'm fine with. If that means she becomes a lesbian and has a romance with Rika/Hagu/lady from Mayama's work place then so be it. She was one of my favourite characters from the first season and I do hope things are more favourable for her in this new season. I'm not going to read the manga spoilers as I'd prefer to go into the show knowing very little of what's going to happen. I might check the manga out afterwards though, just to see how things were handled in each of the respective media.
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