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I must erase manga information from my mind ... but I couldn't help it because of Mayama ... it's him and Yamada who are my favorite characters, and Rika comes to a close third. However, seeing that sole moment, that singular moment that I'm waiting for, will probably be the best for me ...

I'd kill to see that scene animated.

Originally Posted by Truth-kun
I can probably reflect my personality to Takemoto, so most of his pains and sufferings made me cry a bit. T__T

I wish I could become like Morita though. Comedic, yet serious. Talented, yet carefree.
Takemoto's a guy I won't be happy becoming into, but one I truly admire. I also admire Morita, but the people I feel are the most human (and the ones I love the most) are Mayama and Yamada. I loved that final scene at episode six - that has made me cry some two or three times, because that was a turning point in both Mayama and Yamada's lives. Mayama recognized that Yamada loves him, and tells her why he could not love her back ... in a very, very poetic manner. When the opening sounds of Waltz played, it delivers so well that I cried for the first two times ... and got and get teary-eyed afterwards.


Though I do hope something happens with Yamada: not to spoil a lot, but her case was the most heart-wrenching. I don't care much about Hagu; she's probably my least favorite person of H&C, but my heart's torn for Yamada.

Originally Posted by Zappster
I can't remember where I said it. Might have been here or on another forum but I remember saying something along the lines of "I hope Ayu gets together with Mayama" but really the sole motivation for that was I thought it would be the thing that would make Ayu happy. I'd like to retract that and go with the general consensus in this thread. Whatever makes Ayu happy, is what I'm fine with. If that means she becomes a lesbian and has a romance with Rika/Hagu/lady from Mayama's work place then so be it. She was one of my favourite characters from the first season and I do hope things are more favourable for her in this new season. I'm not going to read the manga spoilers as I'd prefer to go into the show knowing very little of what's going to happen. I might check the manga out afterwards though, just to see how things were handled in each of the respective media.

Though why don't I see any Mayama love? I really like the guy, perhaps equal to Takemoto.


Man, I can't wait for more soulful songs by Spitz and Suga Shikao. Their inserts are SIMPLY FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. So was Waltz and Dramatic. The music is central to the movement of the story, I tell you. I could only clap my hands as 8-gatsu wo Serenade was played at episode two ... the director is a genius.

Blah. /Stop rant.
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