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Sheesh all this discussion about harem anime's and really i hate to say it but the reason many similarities occur in harem's is duh they're the same genre so a lot of things are gonna be similar. If u only read the manga issei comes off as an idiot. After watching the series EVERYONE can agree Ichika is a moron. From the first 2 episodes of the anime of course dakara doesnt seem like a harem NOTHING IS A HAREM AFTER 2 FREAKING EPISODES. IS couldnt even be called a harem until after he revealed charlotte as a girl. idk about the others but really guys come on their harem's so there's gonna be similarities. MM is a harem but i gotta admit i thought it was stupid.
As for judging after 2 episodes lets face it Code Geass which many people think is one of the top 5 anime after 2 episodes was impressive but not epic. and the greatest example of my point is Dragon ball Z which according to many is the best anime of the 1990's after 2 episodes was pretty dull barely anything special. Moral of my story ALL Harem's have similarities because well duh their harems and things are gonna be the same and judging after 2 episodes usually wont do shit but ESPECIALLY in a genre that needs time to develop
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