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Originally Posted by Yazi88 View Post
I'm still not a fan of Ren nor his story.

Godou is still the main reason why I'm interested in this. Although I do understand he is not the main focus anymore.

Who knows, we might see the rest of his girls in the next volume.

Although I want to know if Godou/Erica along with Leo and Monica have met Julio yet.
I really like Renís character and story though. I donít know why, but his PoV is extremely enjoyable for me. It might be because of the age difference between Godou and Ren at the start of their respective series and his frivolous nature kinda endeared him to me.

Godou is possibly gonna have a major role and PoV in the end game of LoR. Unlike the prequel, LoR doesnít really focus on a single character. The author also treats him like a mystery for other main players to unveil.
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