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Originally Posted by Tactics View Post
Please ...

- A player can win multiple Tier II that worth efforts playing for a year.
If you're just talking about the amount in crystals, while there are areas to get extra crystals like story events, we also get periodic magnafest that give players an extra 200 free, no effort required for that.

Also even if you get limited weapons, characters and summons, you still have to put in the effort to level and uncap those characters and items.

- Assume you win two Tier III, it worth two unsuptixable summons, major boost to everyone.
Which could have also happened during the treasure/scratcher events. And it was just as unlikely, usually getting half elixirs/berries instead. Remember when people complained about getting too many berries.

The rage is justified, honestly; no surprise if even veterans quitting.
Its crazy how Tier IV not even including free SSR from permanent pool or there's guaranteed Tier III for everyone to begin with so the system will limit distribution for higher tiers. Waiting two weeks for two gold moons is never something a step below Belial and Grands, its freaking heaven and earth.

Never said it wasn't understandable, just not worth the backlash over what is essentially free stuff. The whole range of prizes was given to us ahead of time. The GBF team even made sure the distribution of cards wasn't entirely random so everyone would likely get something if they logged in everyday. Could they have done more? Yes. Could they have adjusted the prizes better? Yes! However at the end of the day, it's just free stuff.
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