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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
There's a big discrepancy between the free stuff some players got for no reason. A free Grand weapon (and character) of your choice is leagues beyond a few damascus crystals.

This is also in comparison to last summer, where everyone was essentially given over 60k crystals for free along with roulette rolls. Now the majority of players get just scraps?
It doesn't feel good.
Well yeah, I get that, but that's how the lottery works out. Some people get diddly squat, others get $100,000,000. If anything we're better off because we all got at least one Tier III prize.

Sure, I understand how salty people can get about other people's luck, and I'm sure Cygames will never do a lottery again, but this isn't bad enough to drop the game over IMO. It's one of the most generous gacha games on the planet.
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