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Originally Posted by AnimeFangirl View Post
Well yeah, I get that, but that's how the lottery works out. Some people get diddly squat, others get $100,000,000. If anything we're better off because we all got at least one Tier III prize.

Sure, I understand how salty people can get about other people's luck, and I'm sure Cygames will never do a lottery again, but this isn't bad enough to drop the game over IMO. It's one of the most generous gacha games on the planet.
Game mainly about grinding and racing for improvement; telling people that used to such environment is like expecting them:
"You were able to pick Rinne and Belial while I got two Gold Moons and G. Naru? Cool, time for me to swipe my card then" with smile.

That is the point made by people that dropped their account after playing this game for a long time.
On such environment, half of playerbase got their hours of playing, some including spending, and two weeks of waiting only to be rewarded with trash while the other half got huge leap.

When you include powercreep to equation, it became worse.
In one side you got a competitive guild disbanded following gap after realization half of them are T2 and T3 winner, while the other half are T4 only.
On the other side there's thought in case Cygames didn't fix the reward anytime soon, stuffs in T3 likely will be "ditched" sooner than expected through new summons and new characters to mitigate effect of free T3;

No need to worry about it if you either not a T4 only winner, or play the game only as character collector game, or been whaling so much it hardly affect you anymore, for sure.

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