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I was thinking, Erika's family claims to be descended from a Campione. Could it be Theodorick?, Godou isn't, his descendant Julio Blandelli exists in another timeline. Moreover Erica's family is linked to the Templars who probably appeared long after Rama descended and exterminated the campiones of Uldin's time.

Furthermore, unlike the other bases, Theodorick's base is much more primitive and has few elements of the modern era (or none at all). Guinevere first tried to popularize the myths of Arthur by summoning the King of the End using her name, but King Arthur became a different heretic god. And then the first guinevere was killed at some point and revived 100 years before the start of the series.

He could be a campione who was born in the templar era after the extermination of Rama, met the walking calamity aka Madame Aisha and ended up at Sanctuary Hyperborea from which he never returned.
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