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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
In other words, if you ask fans of a work if it can accurately be given a label that some consider a sort of pejorative, you can expect pushback. So if you want a better answer, you need to ask a better question. They're the ones asking for the recommendation after all, so the onus is on them if they want to get a useful reply.
But... categorizing the recommendations they're getting is information that can and should be used to give a better recommendation; someone being a snowflake about having their favorite work mislabeled helps absolutely no one and succeeds in basically nothing but shutting down engagement in the recommendation thread. You can't have it both ways; you can't fault the person asking for recommendation for not giving enough information if you're going to get offended by the information they're willing to provide.

In my experience the biggest complaint or frustration when it comes to recommendation threads on Reddit and elsewhere is people who just don't give enough information. OP might be abrasive but at least seems willing to engage and collectively the opinion here seems to be "but not like that!" which is just kind of sad to me and reminds me of why I barely even touch recommendation threads anymore.
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