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Cam Clarke - Kratos Aurion (Fits perfectly)
Erin Fitzgerald - Alkaid (...Dude, </3)
Johnny Yong Bosch - Guy Cecil ("That proves the planet memory ISN'T absolute!" being my favorite 'intense' line of Guy's.)
Karen Strassman - Misha Arsellec Lune (...She was great. 'Nough said.)
Crispin Freeman - Albedo (Same as Roloko. Freeman completely pegged Albedo's laugh.)
Susan Dailie - Naoto Shirogane (...She did a good job with Naoto, It's pretty remarkable how well she pegged Nao's androgynous. From boy voice to.. well.. squeaky x3)
Michelle Ruff - Rita Mordio (...She did very good work. I'm actually a fan of her roles because she usually gets the spunky or the tomboys )
Jamieson Price - Ovan & Largo (...Price can do some pretty badass voice acting. I like his role as Ovan the most because of the character's role.)
Patrick Seitz - Ragna (</3 still going strong.)

I could go on and on... But that's all. In no particular order are they my favorites. They all were very In chaarcter and fitted them perfectly.

...Characters, btw. I go by characters. Those being my 'best voice acting in a video game' :P
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