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Charles Martinet - Mario/Luigi/Wario/Waluigi

Never been a more memorable guy when it comes to fake italian accents.~

David Hayter - Solid Snake/Big Boss

What can I say? Guy is kick-ass.

Ryan Drummond - Sonic the Hedgehog/Metal Sonic

Sonic's VA for Adventure, Adventure 2 and Heroes. Naturally captured the carefree yet smug personality of the character. His role as Metal Sonic was heavily edited to sound robotic, but it was still epiclly psychotic.

Dan Green - Mephiles the Dark (Sonic 2006)

While this was a crappy game with even crappier voice acting (and not to mention he works for a company which rapes anime), Dan Green still shone through with this role, ecpecially when he did his maniacal laugh. Not to mention a lot of other roles he does are pretty epic as well.

Deem Bristow (R.I.P.) - Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Voiced Robotnik in Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2 and Heroes. Excellent job at portraying the anger and manic behind the mad doctor. I'd say my favorite scene is when he's making his announcement to destroy the world in SA2.
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