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Let's get this thread going with some information, shall we?

Requiem of Connexion II

- Quatre's sister is the main. Her connection to Relena from the past until now is explained.
- Catherine's full name is Catherine Oud Winner, her middle name being proof that she's a descendant of the Winner family.
- A gray haired Rashid and an aged Iria appear.
- Catherine has an admiration for Heero Yuy.
- Catherine's upbringing and childhood is also described.
- Catherine defeats five Mars Suits in her first battle.
- Heero and Duo perfectly cooperate together and take down their enemy based on a past battle record, of which Catherine had merely browsed over. {Note: the term here is to kill one's enemy. I don't think they killed her.}
- Milliardo's twins appear.
- Naina, the sister has long blond hair.
- Mille, the quiet brother, has black hair styled and cut similar to Noin.
- There's a description where Catherine kisses Trowa in the end.
- The next issue of Gundam Ace includes a drama and talk CD with Hikaru Midorikawa and Toshihiko Seki.

And in Glory of the Defeated news...

Treize tells Howard to paint the Tallgeese in an "elegant color". :lol:

So why do people fight, anyway?
Perhaps the meaning of existence lies within their will to fight.
People feel a sense of accomplishment through battle.
And itís also a fact that the ones actually fighting are never perceived as being tainted.
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