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movie spoiler

the first movie review is up, and unlike the groans of everywhere before the showing, it is a favorable review, a romantic comedy with lot's of actions+fan services and a happy ending to boot.

Spoiler for movie:
and according to early 2ch returns,
-- Hayate movie is better.
-- Negima viewers demo breaks down
around 20>late teens>after late 20>early teens>elementary school

of course Ken specifically said in his twitter, which others had posted above, the anime people forgot to put in the fact
1. the graduation is next day, (so the movie really is just 2 days long)
2. the ones who are not picked will have their memory with magic erased,
(thus the urgency, and the fight that ensued in the girls' battle for Negi.)

what is not say the the length of the movie? (40 or 60?)
movie time Negima 45 - XXXXXXX 3 - Hayate 60
and the movie according to Zero's end page ads will be bundled with Negima 37 LE as the OAD, no idea if it is going to be DVD or BD.

that article is at cartoonworld, (beware site including adult contents) together with many movie merchandise pictures, (that guy bought ALL OF THEM) and some Negima Zero pictures , go read it if you like, I will post on the seiyu stage show whenever a review is up tomorrow?
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