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i don't have problems reading text from PC, the more annoying is that the texts don't last until my "hunger" has been satisfied....
this is why i am constantly on the prowl for new romantic light novels and manga.

Manga: Kouko in lawyer attire.....i was like WoW!! but the tragic development was a bit too much...
I must have written it a few pages back....i would not have rejected her if i was in Yana's place... (I am craving for someone to love me....and he just dumps her like that) no justice...

LN: The party's on.....even with Kouko's bad state right now I hope she will relax a bit and get closer to Banri. a party is for people bonding....and given that the second volume has a span of few days... this party must have a significant role in the plot for later.

But I have a guess that Linda will capture Banri's attention, Yana is going to try to hook up with Chinami, 2D will be in his world, and at the end of the party Kouko will be walked home by Banri only to cry in front of him..... Well this is just a guess.(I was in Kouko's shoes many times having a bad time while being at a party, but because i went always home alone I just self-pitied on my way home)
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