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Originally Posted by haguruma View Post
I think that's the feeling we all had after EP2, but I would really heed GreyZone's advice and maybe also go back to EP1 and test some of your ideas there.
The problem with ep1 is, I'm afraid I'll start going backwards.

First of all as far as I'm concerned my [Natsuhi, Kinzo, Genji, Kanon, Kumasawa] theory (with or without Shannon) works nicely and explains everything.

Secondly I am condifent that Kanon is killed in the boiler room by someone pretending to be dead (9 people). And unless Eva and/or Hideyoshi super-glued a partially-cut stake to their foreheads, those guys are dead for sure. And since Kinzo is the only one who's death Nanjo doesnt confirm (we see a burned to a crisp body, that is kinda.. dead) it also means a conspiracy of Nanjo+[Shannon/Rosa/Kirye/Gohda/Krauss/Rudolf]+Natsuhi.

However this theory actually makes less sense the more I think about it. And gets very convoluted very fast.

0. 2nd episode suggests Nanjo is in Natsuhi's pocket. So far so good.

1. One of the 6 is playing dead, Nanjo confirms their, death, everyone else too shocked/disturbed to thoroughly check themselves. So far so good.

2. Natsuhi suggests to cover 6 people's faces (thus getting very close to the bodies and preventing the alive person from actually breathing (or it could be notices if they're breathing)) and Eva stops her!
Natsuhi has to be involved because she locks up the storage and takes the key.
And yet she suggests a potentially compromasing action that could reveal a fake dead person?
Eva might have stopped her for valid reasons, but then why didnt she stop the disturbance of a crime scene sooner?
If Natsuhi isn't involved then suddenly:
a) how does someone get out of the storage?
b) what the hell happens to Kinzo?
There is almost no time between the discovery of the 6 bodies (when everyone is accounted for) and Natsuhi's/Eva's 2nd visit, to kill Kinzo. + Natsuhi is the one who has the key to his study, thus Kinzo would have to leave on his own. Why on earth would he leave? He was perfectly fine sitting there in ep2.

Does that mean Eva is also involved?

It does explain some things. But then there's a lot of play-acting between them.
They go together to Kinzo and get rid of him. Natsuhi gives the key to storage to Eva so that she can go to there later and release the fake-dead-person. They blame each-other for a bit, shifting the blame.
In the evening Eva goes to the storage, releases whoever-is-faking. And gets killed for it? Why?

Then that X-person hides under the bed, waits for Kanon/Ganjo to run off, unlocks the chain, paint the door, locks the chain, goes back under the bed, later gets out through the window, runs into the boiler room, kills Kanon...

Nanjo/Natsuhi see that killings continue and decide to fortify in the study. Why would they continue some stupid game and place a letter when their own lives are now in danger. If Natsuhi uses that letter as a pretence to chase out Nanjo (how and why would she even have such a letter), why doesn't he object, try reveal that Natsuhi is the one involved? Afraid she'd instatly start shooting? Maybe. But why go out to where a mass-murderer is walking around, who started killing his own allies?

I could see the basic plan - Eva gets inheritance and shares with her accomplaces. But it all goes out of control as soon as she dies. The killer colud have an ulterior motive from the very start, sure enough ("praise my name" and such), but if Natsuhi/Nanjo were involved at the start, their later actions become quite questionable.
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