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The family has a ranking order that starts with Kinzo, goes down his children by age, then by the grandchildren by their parents relative age, and the spouses being last since they aren't blood related. For example - in Legend, after the First Twilight, Eva would've inherited the family headship, which is why Battler brings up her having the family fortune dropped in her lap. Jessica won't be the successor until her father is the Head and can NAME her the successor (which he will almost certainly do, although the TIPS imply that he would rather name a man he considers an appropriate husband for Jess) , or until everyone ranked ahead of her dies / opts out.

For reference, the specific order is the same as their seating arrangement at the dinner table:
1. Kinzo
2. Krauss
3. Eva
4. Rudolf
5. Rosa
6. Jessica
7. George
8. Battler
9. Ange
10. Maria
11. Natsuhi
12. Hideyoshi
13. Kyrie

Mind you, it's not like this ranking system means much at all in their day to day lives, but if someone intends to be the main inheritor (currently Krauss's position), they'd need to bump aside everyone above them, which even at this point in the story should tell you A LOT about motives that are possible / feasible / make any sense. Ange and Maria wouldn't really be able to do anything with that inheritance until they reach the age of majority, I guess. Dunno what is was in 1986, but right now it's 20.
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