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Originally Posted by Darkbeat View Post
Your sarcasm is misdirected and rather childish. Do you really hate America that much?
Excuse my sarcasm ... too many Americans fail to grasp that the world does not revolve around them, and it's worth pointing that out to people.

But to answer your question: On the usenet, I was a loud and vociferous defender of America up to the second gulf war. I still think we Germans owe Bush sr. alot of gratitude for enabling the unification. I have lots of friends in America and am a regular visitor of Las Vegas. So no, I don't hate America per se. But I hate that America's blind servitude to Israel's utterly irresponsible policies in the Middle East will eventually lead to a huge disaster. I hate the Neocon war criminals who are working to return to power. And I hate the widespread ignorance of roughly half of the American citizens about issues which happen outside of America.

What does Israel have to do with the topic at hand?
The question was posed who thought that Iran wasn't "guilty", for which I requested clarifications. I assume it was supposed to be "who's guilty for the current mess in the Middle East". And here, I consider the US and particularly the current Israeli government to be at least as "guilty" for this clusterf*ck as Iran.
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