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Everyone in the Leaf clan, and I mean EVERYONE, in the series has inherited powers from their fathers.

Shikamaru uses shadows like his pops. Ino has the mind-body switch. Choji has the meat tank, Sasuke the Sharingan, Neji the Byakugan, etc, etc.

Not all of the kids who display their parents powers are bloodline abilities. (Or maybe they are, they've never been explained that way, AFAIK.)

So then...why does Asuma know/use NONE of the 3rd's jutsus? Asuma's a taijutsu/weapon user. If he's the 3rd son, he's sure keeping it silent for a long-ass time, and nobody's mentioning their condolences about his dad either.

Plus, he then deserts him to go and rescue his student (Shikamaru). Not very nice to his pops if that's indeed the case.
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