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Probably late but official anime website is up.

It's going to be an OVA. I heard rumors that that there will be 2 with the first one to be released this year.

The site only has the staff and cast list only. No other info so far.

I'll just list down the cast for the Miyanomori brothers. I don't know who the main heroine's voice actress yet. Probably they're still looking for someone decent.

According to birth order:
1st son: Tadashi Miyanomori- Atsushi Miyauchi
2nd son: Isami Miyanomori- Hideki Tasaka
3rd son: Shigeru Miyanomori- Takeshi Maeda
4th son: Susumu Miyanomori- Atsushi Kakehashi
5th son: Hiroshi Miyanomori- Daisuke Kishio
6th son: Masashi Miyanomori- Nobuhiko Okamoto
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