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Symbolism - Struggle between Man & God (yes, I'm taking this WAY out of context, but it's a beautiful painting )

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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
I would describe OWS as a "peaceable" protest. Obstruction is not violent. It's simply civil disobedience.

Personally, I think they should have gone further and "occupied" the stock exchange. Or did a in person Denial of Service attack. Flood it with so many people that nothing can get done.

The only reason people paid attention to OWS was because they made such a nuisance of themselves. The Wall street bankers had their cocoon pierced, if only for a short time. Unfortunately, they still live in an alternate reality where they're Randian heroes driving the motor of the world.
As someone that works in that "alternate reality" I'd say you couldn't comprehend the damage you would do to the entire system .. Then again.. maybe not.. you do know that we all have alternate work sites and work locations right? When the G20 came to Toronto and the riots happened.. we were operating at alternate locations
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