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I don't think the move itself is supposed to be unsavory although it's meant to be the last cold move of a tragedy. This is however the moment when Hashirama gave up on his young self in order to protect his dream, this is supposed to be what will differentiate him from Naruto who will somehow be able to reach the next step.
yea it's like this. it's not about the move itself. it's about hashirama killing madara. or at least believing that he did. naruto would never and will never kill sasuke and that is exactly the difference and what makes naruto the true hero of the story. he will never give up on his childhood ideals like hashirama did.

as far as the move goes, how is using a clone to backstab someone any worse than shoving an atom bomb in their face? it was just the last of a series of moves in a fight where hashirama had given up hope on his best friend. something naruto will never do. and for that matter, sasuke had the same option to kill off naruto at the VotE and he didn't take it. in that specific sense, he's actually more noble than this older hashirama we just saw 'kill' madara

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Madara didn't die. He just didn't. I don't know how he survived, but people can't just magically come back to life after dieing. A lot of crazy stuff happens in Naruto, but that's not one of them.
I'm not saying it's a certainty, but it is a possibility. jiraiya did exactly what you are saying has never happened when he fought pain. he literally died and then willed himself back to life
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