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Originally Posted by b1gdawg View Post
Anybody think Izuna is still gonna be revived sometime soon?
I gave it a good chance a few chapters ago, but now it's about 0% chance. The story that Itachi said was a lie, Izuna died as a kid in a battle, he had no important part in the main plot of the flashback. If he came back as a kid he would have no connection to the story, also a kid can't even understand what's going on. And on top of that the battlefield will be already very overcrowded when the 4 kages and Sasuke's team join the war, no need for anyone else there. With all those people there i will really praise Kishimoto if he can arrange things in a way where every character gets a bit of spotlight but that does not break the flow of the story.

Originally Posted by bonsobon View Post
Last chapter Hashirama was prepared to kill himself to make peace with the Uchiha. He also couldn't answer Madara's question about who he would kill to preserve the peace of the village. This chapter however he said he would be prepared to sacrifice anyone, even family, if it meant keeping the village safe. Why the sudden 180? What happened during the time that Madara left and their last fight, for him to change his views?
I think the story made it pretty obvious that they had to face the harsh reality of the world that doesn't allow their original dream to become true as they imagined it when they were kids. That's what growing up means. But they have a very different personality, so they gave a very different answer. Madara is sticking 100% to his dream, no compromises, he just chose to disregard the laws of the world, to create his own laws inside a fake world that's called infinite tsukiyomi. We usually say that only crazy people disregard reality, to live in their dream world Hashirama chose to adapt his dream to the reality of the world, even if it meant the degradation of the orignial idea, but even then it remained a great advancement towards a better world that came true.

Originally Posted by bigdeal000 View Post
I'm sure Rinne Tensei does not automatically take the user's life. Nagato was exhausted and had to revive a huge number of people, completely depleting his stamina, that's why he died (death from exhaustion, it happens irl as well).
It doesn't and it does, Kishimoto often creates such tricky rules for a jutsu that it will suit the story: Nagato said that if the people died only recently then he can resurrect them all, and it only costs him a lot of chakra, the reason why Konan was very worried was that Nagato didn't have a lot of chakra after he fought against a whole village and Naruto and the frogs, so Nagato willingly chose to die because he felt that he had no other purpose in life at that point. But to resurrect someone who died a long ago, like Madara, he needs to give up his life. This latter part of the rule makes sure that Nagato or anyone with the rinnegan can't just resurrect anyone he wants and break the whole plot with that.

The rule can be a hint that those who died in these 2 days (amost the whole army of 80,000 ninja) of the war will be resurrected in the end. Another hint in my opinion is that Kishimoto never really emphasized the insane amount of deaths in just 2 days, not even the attack on konoha was so bloody and ruthless.

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