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Originally Posted by Von Himmel View Post
I wonder how her friends' reaction going to be after seeing that giant monster with Aoi
they cant see it... even the demons themselfs cant see it but they are aware that something is there

well hilda did not see it too... but she felt this smell of a demon around aoi

I wonder if the tengu is a god or a hell dog of some kind.... I mean hilda mentioned the smell of a demon... so maybe that how a tengu works... it releases a smell that attrackts demons and than it knows who is demon and who is not and can attack to kill... or maybe its real orgin is hell that's why bell was attached to it like "weee my doggie..."

my guess is that aoi will fight but will need help anyway... so maybe tojou or oga will appear later...

yet I wonder will the tengu be jelous over aoi.... like she wants to be closer to oga.... and than tengu makes everything to crash the atmoshpere or something simply out of jelousy... like "Aoi is mine... wont share her with anyone" like from contract partners to hunt demons.... it will develop feelings and wont hand over "her" aoi to anyone other than to herself...
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