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In regards to modern anime being otaku driven, there's two things I think contribute to this that seldom get mentioned:
1) The internet makes it easier to find like minds - and hence I think that fan groups tend to become more fragmented.
2) I really feel like at least some of the otaku-targetting is due to the "hollowing out" of traditional broadcast markets. Haven't broadcast revenues from anime been declining in general? Of course the DVD market is going to become more important in that case.

Anyway, I joined this fandom in 2005 and the show that got me into it was Tsukiyomi Moon Phase (simply Moon Phase in the US). So even if I didn't really start to consider myself a moe fan until about 2007, moe was always there for me, as were haters. Honestly, for my first couple years in the fandom I avoided talking about some of the shows I liked simply because I felt like mentioning them would open me up to accusations of horrible taste. Looking back on it a lot of people wouldn't have cared too much and I just had the misfortune of encountering some of the ones who did early on (first impressions last), but hindsight is always 20/20.

A few things that stand out to me about Moon Phase compared to many more recent anime:
1) 25 episodes, as opposed to 12-13.
2) While it did deviate heavily from the manga towards the end, this did not occur until near the end. And I honestly felt that compared to many light novel adaptations from the past few years, there was little aimless floundering or quality fluctuations. The show had a pretty good idea where it was taking the plot, the characters, and their relationships. And I don't think that's mere nostalgia since I rewatched the show in 2009, when I had four years of anime watching under my belt.

So yeah, some of what has been brought up here seems to apply. The industry is searching for too much stuff to adapt and picking up properties that weren't really that good or weren't really far enough along to support an anime adaptation.

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