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Couldn't help thinking it's just like Gray to get used in other people's fights. He's trying to get into his own thing and yet now is involved with Juvia/Meldy . A pretty damn annoying move though since now Juvia can't attack. Heck Meldy could just kill herself and do what she wanted to do. The only chance for Juvia is to win with words.

Bluenote does seem like he exists only to fight Gildarts. They are just too similar for him to be there for any other reason. Need someone to occupy Gildarts so he doesn't just walk through Grimoire Heart and beat their Master . Though after losing an arm this could make it a tough matchup if Bluenote is close to Gildarts' level.

And yeah good for Lucy that she got some revenge on Happy with that doll .

I am looking forward to Gray and Ultear though.
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