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Originally Posted by immblueversion View Post
Does anyone else think that some villains were created for the sole purpose of being defeated by a specific character? It's my understanding that when Hiro Mashima starts a new story arc, he has a firm idea of how it will end in mind, then he kind of makes things up as they go along. So, who do you think is going to beat Azuma and Rustyrose?

Also, it seems that at every arc, at least one villain turns good. We've already had Capricorn (mind control aside), but I think it's a safe bet on who will turn next... Though for the sake of potential spoilers, I won't bring anything up.
I don't know, that guy just felt more like one of those enemies than some of the others we've seen in the series. His very existence tells everyone that Gildarts is coming back.

In terms of finishing off the two that have won fights Fairy Tail still has options. After all Elfman is still able to move around along with Lisanna and Levy. Be surprised as well if Gajeel just napped through all this.

In terms of possible converts it does seem fairly obvious who is the most likely to turn if anyone is going to.
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