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Well of course I'm not buying a single word from Ultear. This is the woman who brainwashed Jellal and turned him into a monster, used him to manipulate the council, and is completely absorbed in Zeref. There is absolutely no chance she's saying a single honest thing here. Simply taking advantage of the chance to take down Gray with a mental attack since she used up magic fighting Zeref and Natsu. She's not at 100% so probably easier to lower his guard or make him give up on fighting her period. Think it's a pretty bad move though to say this is Ul's desire. Someone who spent that time with Ul like Gray did would never believe her capable of that.

Still things getting set up for major battles. Of course Natsu and company are going to be suffering until Gildarts (there is no chance he's missing out on this opponent made for him) shows up to help them out. Another tough battle is going to be for Levy's group who used up quite a bit of magic in their fights.

Naturally Erza is going to have one heck of a fight. Kind of fitting since she was a rival for Mirajane in the past so taking up this battle works.

The downside is the preview hinting the next one is majorly about Cana. Here comes the attempt to make everyone sympathetic for her....
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