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I disagree with you all.
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IMO I think the person who solved this case FIRST was Satoshi. Chintanda already felt something was fishy at the beginning but didn't say anything (she probably do not know why too).

Satoshi was the one who said that Oreki symbolizes STRENGTH in the tarot. So, perhaps Satoshi noticed something also and hinted that Oreki symbolizes STRENGTH and should look up STRENGTH in the tarot and realize that he (Oreki himself) is just being used (by Irisu). Not sure if this happened prior or after the STRENGTH scene, but Satoshi did meet up (walked, and talked) with Oreki and asked if he was serious about completing this "mystery ending" as Satoshi probably felt something was off.
Satoshi didn't solve it. He and Ibara just noticed the solution was inconsistent, that's all.
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Did Oreki really need to get that emotional over something so trivial (I don't mean the mystery)?

I feel like some of the emotions of this episode need not be exaggerated.
Irisu obviously touched a sore spot. Gave him hope and snatched it away.
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