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Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
I think that's an ideological debate that is somewhat self-perpetrating or fulfilling. If you elect officials that believe government "is too big, too corrupt, and too inefficient" then that would be what you will get.

On the other hand I'm willing to do some austerity, but not in the middle of a recession or economically weak time. Much evidence (AKA Britain and the EuroZone) have shown how abrupt austerity leads to double-dip recessions.
Sometimes you need to go through a lot of chemo(aka pain), to kill the cancer. The sooner you get programs and spending under control and fixed, the sooner everything can heal and get better. This pulling the bandaid off over a 20-30 year plan, is stupid.

Meanwhile, gas prices have hit 4.25 a gallon for 87 octane here in San Diego, food prices are going up with it, healthcare costs are out of control, the economy is barely treading water if that, and no one anywhere, has a clue on how to get things back on the right track.

Just take a look at both political parties here in America. Both will lie to our faces, send tax-payer money to their corporations/unions/friends, and then point their fingers at the guy across the aisle and say it's his fault everything is going to hell. Fact Checkers are ripping Romney and Obama new ones for their lying, twisting the facts, and their inability to tell us what plans they have, and how exactly those plans will make things better in the real world.

I don't like Romney, and I don't like the vast majority of the GOP. I voted Independent in 2010 across the board, and did the same again in all but the Presidential part in 2008. There is just simply no way I can ever support Obama. I would rather have Bush, Clinton, Carter, Nixon, or a host of other past Presidents back in the White House over that incompetence. He is grossly out of his league with the biggest seat in the world, and has no real business being there.
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