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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
What about hospitals? I read often that US has pretty advanced healthcare, but most public hospitals are crap.
Distribution of healthcare is wildly uneven. Many parts of the US have essentially no healthcare access (some states can't handle it on their own).

And justin is also right about K-12 education having interesting losses between taxpayer and student. Say the state collects $12000 per student. Once you figure out the cost of the teacher, the cost of the facility, etc. there's still an absurd amount of administrative overhead sucks up a lot of the money -- getting that trimmed down is like draining swamps.

I'd also point out that we would not have the college student loan disaster in the making if we had stuck with the NDSL government loan programs (Cold War investment in higher education -> low interest student loans) instead of "outsourcing it to the private sector" in the 80s. The private loan industry has made a killing off of student loans and altered the bankruptcy laws so that not even that can keep a student from "indentured servitude" for the rest of their life.

Night, night, Justin. I think I'm going to go write more fiction, got a chapter to release tomorrow.
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