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Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
EP5? Yeah, good times.
But it's not the same thing. In EP5 everyone else was in on it and did their best to hide the corpses from Erika (the detective), plus there kinda were hints of fake deaths all over the place.

I've watched his explanation of the EP1 twilight, I clenched my teeth and tried to endure him, but it's utterly ridiculous. Okay, maybe it was the bad wording of 'death drug' like you said above, but still.... nothing in his explanations seems to tie in with anything, that's why I can't see where the idea he's uncovered the big conspiracy behind Umineko comes from.

Plus he's an arrogant bounder.

Well, he claims that Ryukishi lies in interviews, so yeah, I don't think what you are saying here is the slightest exaggeration.
That's exactly my point, and I think Jan-Poo's characterization of him as a 'conspiracy theorist' is deserving of applause.

Even if we accept that Rosa is the Prime culprit, even if we clench our butts and half-heartedly say: yeah, all the absurd stuff make sense, it was all crazy lady for no apparent reason (yeah, sounds almost like Shkanon but at least regardless of how solid it is, at least it does actually connect the points with SOME logic), how, oh, how the hell are we so sure that Ryukishi is writing bullshit to deceive us, waiting for an enlighted guy with an unbearable accent to come and uncover everything in YouTube, and what reason is good enough for a person to spend four years of his life masturbating via the internet at the expense of the people who are dumb enough to read his prodcut.

Apparently, he won't tell.

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