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Originally Posted by Drifloon View Post
Why are people so shocked by Yasu's appearance? She looks pretty much how I expected her to, really. I always assumed she was blonde, considering that she's supposed to resemble Beatrice.

Though anybody else thinking this is all we'll get to see of Yasu?
As in we'll never see her actual face/eyes.

Oh and, I freaking LOVE this one:
Spoiler for Manga:

Well, he claims that Ryukishi lies in interviews
At least he didn't go as far as some others claiming stuff like Battler being Marias father born cause Rosa seduced him when he was a boy.

Then again, I only watched one video not even full cause I admit, my head actually couldn't take it.XD

I got nothing against the guy, nor theory I don't mind it, though he does strike me as a bit of a (bleep).Or at least arrogant partially.

My doubts are little regarding Yasu as I said before, though personally I am an admirer of the depth regarding her and the truth.
Don't really care if people disagree but I see Yasu as simply an amazing character without equal.
I explained it to a friend as she only saw the Anime and she was like:
"Too deep!TOO DEEP!"

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