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Originally Posted by jjblue1
Not quite. The interesting part of Ep 6 is that Battler is organizing a murder game agaisnt Beato as well. And in Ep 5 both Battler and Beato were compared to 2 shy kids who can't find the gut to declare to each other. So what if Battler came back to Shannon but found out she was engaged to George before he could tell her 'hey, I came back for you?'
I'm honestly not sure what you're referring to with "not quite". Sorry if I misunderstand you in the following.

It's not quite the "happy end" overall, for Yasu. It is for Beatrice, or "her lingering feelings for Battler", as this "part" of her personality feared that he might've all but forgotten about her (EP4). Of course, "Shannon", her current life, the one that loves George, might've felt fear instead and wouldn't know how to react. Emotional conflict, add "Kanon" as the wish for staying on Rokkenjima and nurturing her friendship (and possibly more) with Jessica, that caused her to write down her heart, her confused emotions, down in form of a mystery - the genre that both she and Battler loved so much (whether we know those stories as EP1 and 2 or not at all doesn't matter for this). Possibly hoping romantically that someday someone will find them and "uncover her heart", "understand her" - and maybe that person might be Battler himself.
On that note, had Battler returned a year earlier she wouldn't have been so invested in George that he's about to propose to her and not as confused on how she should react (and she'd probably not write anything). A year later and ... if Lion's world is to be believed... Battler wouldn't have anything to return back to anyway.

(yes, I wrote "she" for convenience sake, add "he" every time if you want to)

Regarding EP6, didn't Battler join the duel, implying that he might've remembered, and hijacked the game to "show that obnoxious guest" (since Shkanontrice participated in Meta and didn't produce her own 1st Twilight I don't see how he organized a game AGAINST/without her)? Meta-world speaking, he clearly remembered, while chick-Beatrice had forgotten all about mystery, games, and such; she just knew that she's supposed to love him (btw. I love how you can find a lot of similarities between BATTLER-Chicktrice and Kinzo-Kuwadoriantrice in the first half of EP6).

If you just meant that "Prime-Battler remembered" in light of his absence in Lion's world could still be connected with "Nervous Wreck Prime-Battler" via two murder games at the same time, then sure - thanks.

Originally Posted by jiblue1
Also, the game in which Battler didn't come back and Yasu didn't play her game and yet everyone died, although might seem cruel, is, in a way, nice, as it clearly states that the murders weren't their responsibility but that they would happen regardless of what they were to do.

It's still horrible as it destroy the hope of a happy ending but, in the real world, there's no chance for it so, at least knowing they weren't to blame and that they merely, at best, provided a setting but weren't the reason behind it, can offer some sort of comfort.
Went there before. And you answered
Originally Posted by jiblue1
I'm not sure how reliable is Bern's implication that a mess would happen regardless as she finds only 1 world with Lion when theoretically there should be countless.
Change of mind or am I missing something?

Originally Posted by Wanderer
Ohhhh no. He's all about the red. Alllll about it. To him it's red, then detective's perspective, then whatever makes the most sense to him after that (which is... quite silly at times).
I don't see how this kind of snoddy narrative with meta-reasons makes it a 'superior' theory then, at best it'd be an alternative (edit: before misunderstandings arise - of course you didn't say that, KnowNoMore and his followers claim this). Oh well, since I'm probably never going to watch it all I won't judge his version of Rosatrice any further.

Wasn't there someone who wanted to propose a Rosatrice-theory as well, a few pages back? Still waiting for the pikablu-theory.

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