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Found it, though my memory had been incorrect in many forms and curves - apparently it's from "Our Confessions", so AFTER the official series was done (haven't read it yet so I hope my blunder may be excused):

Originally Posted by Kealym
Also, this bit :
What a simple and cheap mystery.
Probably, for those people who love to read the mystery novels that I have boundless respect for, they'll see right through it with a big laugh.
To witness demons, even with a brazen display of fantasy as "proof", is to mystery the height of satire; it will no doubt get laughs.

I dunno why, but it feels like my respect for the whole series just got a boost
Of course, it's referring to the "magic" (again, my mistake), even though you could bend the parody-aspect to 'the butler did it' as well. If you want to...

*sigh*... pretend I didn't say anything about this, okay?
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