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Originally Posted by chronotrig View Post
The problem is combining EP7 with any theory without Yasu as the sole culprit.

Because IMO we are supposed to see it that way.

I have no doubts Yasu is true but the Cheese Riddle is THE perfect indication that something is wrong with the this answer.

"Kihihihihihi, I know the answer.It's written right here, kihihihihihi."
"You didn't know the answer until you looked, right Battler-kun?*get it?Battler-kun?"

"It's impossible to cut the cheese with anything except the knife, right?
The knife can only cut in a straight line, right?
There aren't any other rules right?"
"uu- not really"

"Puzzles without specified rules-in other words, all things not covered by the red truth, are left to the observers interpretation.It's the most basic of methods for constructing gaps in the witch's closed room."

Jessica mentions there can only be 1 answer and it being impossible to reach something else than 3.
Battler got 1.

The others ridicule battler for thinking of an answer apart for the obvious one which I point to my first sentence of the answer being written in the book by the ones who made it.

Battler came up with his conclusion because he thought the obvious answer was too easy to be a puzzle.
Theres even the quote that:
"These are usually set up so that a number smaller than you expect is the answer."

In the book the answer is said to be 3.
"Battlers answer is smaller than in the book is he correct?"
"Yes he is.....battler-san is correct the answer is 1.

"A mistake by the ones who made the book.I imagine there's a picture of a flat cylinder there in Marias book"
"uuu- there is.Right here."
The flat cylinder is the proof that the answer in the book was wrong thus the ones who made it placed a mistake not being the actual answer yet still an answer but not THE one.
Erika even points out that Battler is correct in both brains and cheese.
And Kyrie:
"It never mentioned how flexible it was"

Interestingly, George knew the actual result cause he said:
"I know this one.So I'll stay quite."

Battler got the actual result by thinking its too easy and overthinking while Erika knew BOTH answers and simply thought of the mistake made by the ones who made it.

As in:
Don't rely on the answer in the book, use your own interpretation to think of the actual answer.The only rule is the red truth.

Like said:
I believe Yasu is true, but there is another force at play except her, one that is the actual truth.
Might refer to Kyrie and Rudolf.
Perhaps Yasu planned to do carry out the killings but the two took matters into their own hands in order to grab the gold.
Battler might have been their accomplice but Yasu converted him which is how he escaped from the Island.

Didn't Battler disappear when he was supposed to meet with Rudolf at the chapel?
Perhaps thats when he escaped.

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