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Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
Oh, sorry. I must've gotten you confused with the person who thinks Alto ended up with Ranka and started writing a fanfic about how Alto loves Ranka and has an Alto-loving-Ranka sig and takes every opportunity to attack Sheryl in favor of Alto loving Ranka.

I didn't realize you'd come to accept Alto and Sheryl, but I haven't been here that often recently. Still, I apologize profusely.
Um, excuse me; but you vanish for months without a word & pop up once everyone, including myself has become civil & want to start a shipping war again. Do you even think before commenting? I'll answer that: You don't. I've let it drop. We're civil. Take your drama elsewhere.
My question was towards ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!
If you're gonna start making snide remarks, don't bother commenting. Because everyone here is wondering the same thing as I.

Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
No, sorry. You're Leon. That's it. The old characters are unplayable.
Um, show of evidence?
I don't see any links concreting your words. Live feed has shown you can play as Alto. He is an old character.
Again. Your evidence?
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