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I'm quite sure that by now, somewhere in that dark corner of your soul where you keep your secret mistrust and hatred of humanity in general, that old misanthropic devil has come out and said to you-

'Well, thread, where is that clown Xena - he hasn't been here all week! I wonder what has happened to him, eh? Eaten by sharks, perhaps? Or maybe he decided to take a long, long break from the nightmare that is the Internet! Or maybe he just wants to troll the hell out of the lot of you before he ever starts his post!'

Okay, the devil has me there on that last one. Couldn't resist.

But yes, apparently the higher powers of book translation have seen fit not to strike me down with divine judgement for having at least somewhat butchered another man's work. So, here's the next Status Update!

As cramped might already have mentioned, he has finished Ch2 outright. Well that's the good news. The bad news is...uh...

...Well. I've just decided on the fly that I shall render the bad news in Limerick! Why?

Because I felt like it.

You could say it's the difference in style
That makes editing take such a while
But I'll give you a clue
If you stepped in my shoes
You'll find that his makes you cough bile

Tsukasa is indeed very fey
To have tense switches up the wahey
So I have a right mind
To a large tampon find
And stuff it right down his airway

That's when we're not talking about his prose
I assure you it doesn't smell like a rose
It's sometimes full of dross
Which makes me really cross
And at times so damn dry I could doze

And then there's his habit quite grevious
That makes me think him right devious
He shores up the word count
By adding text in great bounts
And they all state the bloody obvious

It's like a trip to the downtown malls
Where all the stores sell idiot balls
You swim through the turds
Making sense of the words
And you find that it means bugger all!

Now that's it's all said and done
I'm not sure you got me none
But I can't really frame it
So I'll come out and say it
Sorry thread-

-Xena's still at part one!

(It's part one out of 13
But it's been a fun ride, it's been.
Just a translator's rants
-So keep those ants in yer pants-
It'll come, so don't rupture any spleens!)
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