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Originally Posted by ZGoten View Post
True, he is one hell of a braggart, but I don't think Enel's cowardy.
A coward would be someone who chooses running over a situation of uncertain outcome. Imo, however, his death would have been certain if he had chosen to stay and continue fighting, and he knew that.
You're definition of cowardness or your understanding of that situation may be different though.
Well, I think it's pretty cowardly to only fight people who have no chance against you. Lol.... Sanji and Zoro said the same thing about Foxy and his pirates when he told them his 'undefeatable philosophy' of turning down Davy Back fights from anyone they couldn't beat. And in Enel's case, I would say even more so after his non-stop self-declarations of godhood and immortality and superiority to everyone else in existence. Even IF Luffy's DF is immune to his, it doesn't automatically mean he would lose; but his lack of trying, and settling for flight, in the face of someone being able to stand up to him is pretty cowardly imho.
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