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Kirino just keeps getting worse with every episode. She's gotten more of a hypocrite and hasn't shown the slightest bit of character development. This ep made me rather angry with her. SHe has no right to intrude in Kyousuke's business that way, especially after he went out of his way to do so much for her in previous eps. And she has no right at all to get angry at him for inviting Minami at home when she always invites her friends. She's seriously the most annoying brat I've come across v_v

Kuroneko on the other hand......<3<3<3
According to the light novels, Kirino got the porn trap idea from talking with Kuroneko by phone in her room. So Kuroneko isn't quite as virtuous compared to Kirino as it seems... or she's also jealous of Manami.
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