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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Please forgive my ignorance here, but I always thought "Brocon" meant a girl (or maybe a guy, as well) with sexual desire for her/his brother?

What exactly does it mean, out of curiosity? Just somebody who's closest person in general is her or his brother, but it's not sexual?
Sexual Desires would just lead to incest, from what I know, "Brocon" is the girl being very, very clingy to the brother, while "siscon" is the boy always wanting to be around the girl. (basically the same thing, but with a separate prefix) So its just a very, very close relationship between the family members, but not in the exact sexual way, that would be incest.

(Example: If a brother's sister is trapped by 3-4 guys in a fun game, he would start freaking out that they might do something bad (especially if the sister is making a scared expression) and forget that its a game and might actually go in and come to the rescue of the sister)

In this situation however, Kirino is indeed a "Brocon" since she always clings to Kyousuke for her issues, and then later actually thanking him.
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