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This was an insane week for the NFL…

Originally Posted by FDW View Post

Jacksonville at Atlanta, Winner: Atlanta. Justification: Well, none.
And you got a blowout out of this…

Dallas at Tampa Bay, Winner: Dallas. Justification: Cowboys stay in the game.
The Cowboys save face from last weeks disaster.

Miami at Buffalo, Winner: Miami. Justification: No, there is no hope for The Bills.
NO HOPE. It can't be long now before Ralph Wilson gives up the ghost and The Bills finally make their move to Toronto.

Seattle at Chicago, Winner: Seattle. Justification: The Bears are in a death spiral.
This was obvious. The Seahawks have no hope for the playoffs this year, but they'll be interesting to watch in the off-season.

Tennessee at Indianapolis, Winner: Tennessee. Justification: This qualifies as my "I don't give a fuck Bowl" of the week.
And The Colts have to fuck with the natural order of the universe and hurt their chances to draft Andrew Luck.

Green Bay at Kansas City, Winner: Green Bay. Justification: Another team ritually sacrificed to The Packers.
And The Devil keeps his side of his contract with The '72 Dolphins for another season…

Cincinnati at St. Louis, Winner: Cincinnati. Justification: THE BENGALS WIN THIS FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!! (And hopes of a playoff spot they won't get.)
Wow, this means a whole more for The Bengals than I thought it would.

New Orleans at Los Angeles, Winner: New Orleans. Justification: Obvious.
The Saints geaux OMNOMNOM all over The Vikings.

Washington at New York (Giants), Winner: Washington. Justification: One of my contrarian picks of the week.
This ended up being right…

Carolina at Houston, Winner: Houston. Justification: The Texans take yet another step towards the impossible dream.
Houston fumbled, but given the sheer insanity of this week, it means surprisingly little for them.

Detroit at Oakland, Winner: Oakland. Justification: Last week was a horrifying disaster for The Raiders, and by this point we all know how The Raiders respond to horrifying disasters; by winning a game they have no absolutely business winning.
Well, that probably did it for The Raiders playoff chances, even if they still are in the running. Still, this isn't the end for Hue Jackson, in fact, because of Al Davis's death this might end up becoming a huge opportunity for him.

New England at Denver, Winner: New England. Justification: "He's a nice kid, beat the shit out him." (Bill Belichick, just before the Patriots/Broncos game)
And the strange saga of Tim Tebow rolls on…

New York (Jets) at Philadelphia, Winner: New York (Jets). Justification: Let this be a hope spot for The Jets.
It ended up being a hope spot for The Eagles…

Cleveland at Arizona, Winner: Arizona. Justification: This will be horrible, but obvious.
And it was…

Baltimore at San Diego, Winner: Baltimore. Justification: This will be a cold blooded Murder, committed by a Murder. (of Ravens, that is)
Another reason why this is the most insane NFL season ever.

Pittsburgh at San Francisco, Winner: San Francisco. Justification: The Niners offense may be sputtering, but The Steelers offense is worse without Big Ben (which will likely be the case Monday).
Big Ben was there, but he got intercepted three times and took a few nasty sacks. The Niners held onto the No.2 Seed and proved that they can beat an Elite team.
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